Nominated by Andean University Nestor Caceres Velasquez - Juliaca

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Jose Adolfo lives in the Arequipa region in Peru. He created the first ecological bank for children to fight poverty. José teaches children how to save in a practical way. Children can have access to microcredits for basic food consumption and school materials. He also teaches them to care about the environment, since he uses solid waste as the main coin for his financial operations. He started with almost 20 children and currently 2.500 children have received his course on Financial Education. He created a small shop called “Bodeguita Ecológica Solidaria”, which offers basic necessities, school supplies and small appliances, where children learn to buy with cash and credit. José created the School of Business Management “Building a Dream”, where he has been empowering the women of Arequipa in Business Management through the teaching of “Business Plans”. 1.230 women have been trained. José won several awards and is “Ambassador” of the global movement for the Global Week of Money Worldwide. In the future, José wants to promote the “Warriors” program, where girls and boys fight together against hunger and poverty.