Nominated by private person: Safwan Almbaidin  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Joud was born in a low income family. When she started studying in a public school, her excellence drew the attention of His Majesty King Abdullah II. He considered she has to study at the King’s Academy, one of the best schools in Jordan. She published her first book called “Challenge is suitable for you” when she was twelve years old and her second novel “JasmineWound” one year later. She also launched an initiative called “On each book door” and distributed books to houses in order to promote the culture of reading. Joud was also awarded a gold medal from King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein for excellence and became the youngest Arab novelist. She got the first place in the Kingdom in the Diamond Challenge of the Arab Reading Challenge and became the champion of UNICEF for education and Culture Ambassador for Zain company. She was a speaker at the 13th Doha Conference for Interfaith Dialogue, the Peace Seeds Camp in the US and a training workshop in Cyprus on negotiation and arbitration.