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Joy Munji


All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Joy is a singer from Cameroon who promotes peace through her songs and write-ups. Cameroon has been going through a socio-political crisis which led to the killing of over 100,000 people. Joy also did a write-up on her Facebook page where she attached the photos of some children who were burnt alive in order to raise awareness about the situation and ask for the right to life of these children and of people in general to be respected. Her write-ups usually reach 15,000 people in her community. Joy has created a lot of impact following the release of her last rap video. The message reached thousands of people. A peace promoting organization saw it and decided to assist her with the promotion of the videoclip in order to reach the whole world. She is also part of a group that trains children on how to build their talents and use them for building their nation. In the future, Joy plans to continue her activities and establish an organization that can handle the needs of internally displaced children and also protect them from violence.