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Juan Pablo

Nominated by Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (FUNDENEP)

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees


Juan Pablo is like many children and adolescents in Venezuela, who must face the absence of his father, due to the political and economic situation facing the country, which has forced thousands of families to dismember, and children, who spend years without seeing or sharing with their parents. As well as facing a childhood under conditions of scarcity, violence, lack of basic services, and interacting with thousands of orphaned children and street children due to the Venezuela’s socio-economic reality.  Moreover, Juan Pablo has carried out actions of social entrepreneurship with the sale of biscuits, cakes, and typical drinks, to pay for his studies. 


  • Juan Pablo actively participates in social and community activities, raising funds to help children, whose parents have migrated from Venezuela, and who have not seen their parents for years, supporting them with school supplies. 
  • He organises international cooperation networks to locate the parents of children, who have not communicated for years and are in Latin American countries, to maintain greater communication with them. 
  • Juan Pablo organises fundraising activities to help children in poverty or children in vulnerable health situations to have access to food, clothing, and medicine. 
  • He organises international support networks to receive donations of clothes and medicines that are delivered to children in extreme poverty, who do not have the means to survive. 
  • He participates in information and orientation talks for children to learn about their basic human rights. 
  • He participates in sports groups and organises fundraising activities for the purchase of sports equipment and uniforms for children, who do not have the means to participate in such activities. 
  • Due to the political conditions in Venezuela, many of the activities are not promoted to guarantee Juan Pablo’s safety, as his father is persecuted by the government system. 
  • Recognition and awards: 
  • Recognition as Children’s Defender of the Human Rights of Children and Adolescents by the FUNDENEP 2021 Foundation.
  • Recognition from the Aborígen Foundation for its support to indigenous children presented in the state of Bolivar. 
  • Letter of Appreciation for her Altruistic Work in the Protection and Defence of the Environment by the Crepuscolia Foundation.
  • One of Juan’s future plans is to design and activate an APP called: Somos Niños. A platform to help organise donations of food, clothes, medicine and school supplies that Venezuelan migrants can send to Venezuela or other people and organisations for the benefit of children who are in Venezuela in conditions of extreme poverty. 


  • School Supplies Donations: 857 boys and girls. 
  • Donations of Medicines: 245 boys. 
  • Donations of sports equipment: 122 boys. 
  • Talks on the Promotion of Children’s Rights: 34 speeches. 
  • Children participating in the Talks on Human Rights: 1.360 boys and girls. 
  • Solid Waste Collection Days: 16 activities. 
  • Designed and distributed brochures on HRDs: 10.000 units.