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Nominated By: Fundación Ciudada nas del Mundo

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Juan is motivated by the hope that youth participation will be revived. He advocates for children’s rights to a sustainable and environmentally resourceful future. His work aims to raise awareness to eradicate adult centrism and enable fair, democratic and open participation for children, so that children and adolescents can take part in the decisions that affect their future. As Project Director of the International Network of Young Activists, Juan has reached over 10.000 children in Latin America.  He also teaches English classes, as well as classes which strengthen the participation of children. Through this he has reached 1.000 young people in his community. Juan is also aware of the differences in access to information that children and adolescents may have, and for this reason, one of his main slogans is democratisation and eliminating the digital divide so that information is accessible to all. Juan hopes to continue actively participating in decision-making spaces in Latin America.