Kabir picture

Kabir Cesar Francisco 

Nominated By Asociación Perú Corazón

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Kabir’s thoughts, creations, works, illustrations and conferences have been demonstrating a high commitment to peace, development of the planet and fight for children’s rights. Currently he has completed his Regular Basic Education in Peru. At 9 years old, he presented his first book that spoke about the fact that the earth was being destroyed as a result of man’s selfishness and that for that reason Santa Claus was very sad as the North Pole was fraying up and children were in danger. Kabir was recognized as the first Junior Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation. He participated in the 20th World Congress of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, where he presented his work on behalf of the talented children. Since 2014 he has been promoting an international campaign for reading comprehension and a proposed method called L3C: Read, Understand, Create and Share. The method combines the moral and ethical part, whose tools are the principles, values, habits and virtues, for the development of character. The campaign develops high communication and creative skills in children and young people. He has received greetings and recognition by the President of Peru and Colombia. He develops books and conferences to transform the reality of Peru’s National Education System. About 9 million students, 600.000 teachers and 20 schools have been part of the pilot of his campaign.