Nominated by Private person: Kathween Villafuerte Gallardo

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Kathween comes from a family that has deeply motivated and taught her the importance of solidarity since when she was little. As she became older she saw a way to help the most vulnerable part of the countries population, the children. Kathween was a victim of bullying, which led her to not want to see other children experience the same suffering she did. This is why she started bullying workshops and began teaching the dynamics of empowerment, in order for children to avoid bullying and violence. She presents a children’s show with children songs and dance with the support of her two younger sisters. Kathween also participated in different events with private and public companies, collecting toys from different donations to redistribute to orphaned and abused children. This project allowed her to access the temporary shelters and homes for orphaned children and centers for children with different capacities and interact with those children staying there. In these shelters she began empowering children by offering her Infant Show and the bullying workshops for children between the ages of 10 to 15 years old.