Nominated by Charitable Fond of Caritas Georgia 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Keti lives in the day care and night shelter of Caritas Georgia, for children having experienced living and working on the streets in Tbilisi. She is participating in several trainings that are offered by Caritas Georgia. She is very interested in helping other children regarding topics such as life skills, protection and rights. Keti is currently preparing to become a trainer herself. She has already held many trainings, in which she explains topics in a concrete way to help the children understand. She worked with the kids and told them about feelings, how to figure them out and how to deal with them. She also explained them how our body shows us when we are scared.  She gave a training about bullying and how to discuss this topic. This training was mostly attended by children with disabilities.  Keti is taking part in the campaign “#beafriend”, with the slogan “reach out your hand and not money”. Via this campaign a meeting was organized with the organization Anika, that works with disabled people.