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Nominated by Private person: Philippe Kayibanda

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

From the age of just seven, Kevine began helping vulnerable children around her who didn’t have access to food, and even brought food to sick children in hospitals. At the age of nine, Kevine visited children who dropped out of school and urged their parents to prioritize their education. Following the Burundian refugee crisis in 2015, Kevine contacted community leaders and collected snacks to distribute to refugee children. Next to that, she started her own initiative as a child mentor, known as the Ikirezi Kevine Initiative, in which she increased child participation in her community. Kevine conducted several interactive workshops on children’s rights, including the right to a safe environment and the right to education. This has led to child empowerment, as children in Kevine’s community have learned to stand up for their rights. In addition, she ensured that girls’ voices are heard and urged them to continue with their education.