picture Kushaan Saran


Nominated by Blue River Montessori School

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Kushaan has combined fundraising with educational efforts in his community for victims of child trafficking and child labour. He has done so by organising sports events, bake sales, cultural events, and utilizing social media to raise awareness and funds. Kushaan has generated approximately $50,000 which has gone towards textbooks, clothes, shoes, psychologists, and English teachers for children rescued from child trafficking. Together with his sister he set up an organisation, which made a 5-year pledge to fund Psychologists and English teachers for the rescued victims. They have already achieved amazing results, of the children benefitting from the Psychologists and English teachers. Kushaan wants to expand his organisation’s activities to South America and Asia, and is planning to engage more students to become changemakers and join the fight against human trafficking.