Nominated by Private  person: Marlon  Alex Garcia Garcia

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Luis is a goalkeeper, although he does not have the appropriate stature. He has  represented  Guatemala at an international level. At the age of 9, he promoted a recycling initiative for the Day of the Earth. This activity consisted of cleaning up the entire community with other classmates and creating posters with sentences against pollution.

He was  awarded  with three recognitions and a medal for his participation in the Youth Parliament of Guatemala 2017 for having excellent academic results by various high-level public officials. He is a member of the group of “Young Entrepreneurs of Peten” where activities such as trainings, reforestations, workshops and visits to hospices are carried out, but there is also a focus on childrn. For example the activity “Comedy and Gift” consisted of handing out collected toys and was led by Luis.