Picture – Luka Pavikjevikj


Nominated by NOVA International Schools

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Luka has, since primary school, been a part of local and national youth forums. He has taken part of various speaking arrangements such as trainings for Youth Against Hate Speech, Volunteering at the National Youth Council, and participating as a panellist at a conference held by the National Youth Council, where he posed questions to European Parliament representatives in attendance concerning perspectives on North Macedonia’s accession. Since June 10, 2021, he has served as the President of the Union of High-School Students of North Macedonia becoming the first scholarship recipient and the first private school student to lead the Macedonian high-school population. Luka believes in democratic processes and does not shy away from open discourse. He seeks to expose troubles, especially those experienced by youths less able to advocate for themselves and their community.