Picture – Lupupa Kabwe


Nominated by Jesus Cares Ministries

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

After experiencing hardship in his life, Lupupa understands the importance of making sure that every child enjoys and understands their rights. Lupupa goal is to ensure that he raises awareness of children’s rights around Zambia. He became an advocate in Zambia by organising various events to engage the youth about their rights. Lupupa has organised a football tournament to help raise awareness on the 31 articles of the African Charter. He has educated youth and children on sexual reproductive health. In addition, Lupupa has supported facilities in educating youths and children on their rights under Zambia civic Education. Lupupa uses peer education to roll out education in different areas and at the same time engaging government, to provide a practical based education system that will equip child with the skill to earn a living after school.  To further spread his message on the importance of children’s rights, he has taken part in the 76th UNGA under high level event against children’s violence. Lupupa wishes build a nation that each child knows and understands the rights and works to uplift the next generation.