Picture – Maadhav and Amara Sood

Maadhav & Amara

Nominated By: Aravindam India Foundation

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Throughout their childhood, Maadhav and Amara would accompany their parents to the Aravindam Foundation Gurukul where they would distribute clothes and food. Maadhav and Amara were inspired to use their skills as a drummer and content creator to teach the under-served youth. In 2020, they launched their own non-profit, the Sarva Foundation. Through their foundation, for every paying student, they could teach 5 under-privileged non-paying children. The Sarva Foundation has raised €10.000 which covers training and exam fees for under-privileged children. Together they have trained over 70 learners. In the future, they hope to transform the Sarva Foundation into a global performing arts training marketplace and ultimately a non-profit university for all types of vocational education and training.