Mariam picture

Mariam S

Nominated By Rafik Hariri Foundation

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Mariam is an ambitious 16-year-old girl and defender of children’s rights, especially the right to speak up and live with dignity. Mariam participated in several TV shows to fight corruption, which is pervasive in the government. Mariam participated in several campaigns to help needy families and poor kids. She organized a students’ protest, recycling campaigns, and other activities, such as Green Friday instead of Black Friday with ‘Fridays for Future’ in Lebanon. Before the revolution of October 17th, Mariam started a campaign named ‘Act Now’ with XR Organisation (an environmental organisation) in Lebanon. She is trying to make the Lebanese students aware of corruption around them, of the environmental crisis, and make them follow the facts and the news instead of being blind followers. Her mission is to eradicate gender inequality, curb corruption and save the environment.