Picture – Md. Abid Siddique Emon

Md. Abid

Nominated by One Step For Tomorrow (OSFT)

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

He grew up in the village but moved to the city to study. The treeless environment, the noise, the condition of the street children made him think. He wants the world to be green again, and he wants street children to be given back their basic rights. He is currently the director of the Nebula Science Network. It was launched in the face of the closure of children’s education to increase children’s interest in science. Two months ago, a Science Olympiad was organized for 2000 children and adolescents. It has revived the interests in science of many of them. He is also dedicating his time on the Heal the Universe project. He and other volunteers are planting 2 trees a month to make the earth green again. So far, more than 500 have been planted.