Nominated by Private person: Yvonne Mabel Thompson  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Mongai lives with her mother and cousin and is of Cameroonian descent. On one of her trips she saw that children in Cameroon go to school without backpacks, from here her motivation to make sure every child has a backpack. At the age of 8 she organised “No Back Pack Day” at her school and all kids came to class without a backpack. She was able to yield 500 backpacks with this project. She now organises the same project for 40 other schools in the state, collecting 16,000 backpacks, which have been distributed to: Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa, Malawi, Cape Verde, Cameroon and North Carolina. She contacted the former president of Malawi and was invited to join her as a panellist at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for Global citizenship to discuss the importance of female leaders. She was invited to participate in humanitarian activities in Cape Verde by the first lady. Mongai was also a guest of honour and keynote speaker at the celebration of the Day of the African Child. She was recognised in the US Senate in Washington by Senator Coons. Mongai was also invited to be co-keynote speaker by the International Women’s Day committee alongside former Mayor Jennifer Roberts on International Women’s Day.