Picture – Natalie Wambui


Nominated By: Precious Project Inc.

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Natalie is an award-winning author and speaker. Originally from Kenya, she recently moved to the USA with her mother. Natalie has written three books: “Natalie’s Poems”, “My Country, My Story”, “Extraordinary Kenyans Doing Extraordinary Things”. She also wrote and produced a documentary called “An Africa Fit For Me”; her documentary was recognised by the UNICEF Representative to the African Union. Natalie has been involved in many initiatives; such as peacekeeping and education campaigns. Specifically, her work to fight for the education of girls and gender equality was recognised by UN Women and she subsequently wrote another documentary based upon this. Natalie spoke about gender-based violence during the Geneva Peace Talks in 2020. Videos of her speeches have received over one million views online. Natalie’s voice also led to the creation of a toll-free number for victims of sexual abuse.