Nominated By Caritas India

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Nawraj comes from one of the tea garden areas of West Bengal and is an active child leader of his children’s parliament. Nawaraj has led various advocacy campaigns in his village such as ‘Vote for Me’ Campaign in April 2019 where he sensitized the villagers to vote for that party which shall prioritise children rights and include children demands in the manifesto of Political Parties before the General Elections 2019. He conducted ‘Helping Hand Campaign’ for a child in the village who was suffering from blood cancer. He organised a week long Plastic Free Campaign in relation to SDG 13 in his village. On behalf of children, he proposed the establishment of Eco Park, playground and installation of street lights in the village. In 2019, Nawraj was awarded by Gram Panchayat for the best social work in the field of Climate Action (SDG Goal 13) for his initiative of Long Plastic Freedom Campaign. In the future, he plans to create awareness in schools, establish an open education centre for poor children and help the differently abled children with government support.