Picture – Neha Shukla


Nominated by Terasaki Biomedical Institute

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Neha is a teen scientist & inventor, innovation advocate for youth and girls, author, and 2021 Global Teen Leader. Neha has always been passionate about creating a positive impact on her community and began innovating and creating solutions to real-world problems since she was 10 years old. During the pandemic, Neha invented the SixFeetApart wearable social-distancing device embedded into a hat to slow the spread of COVID-19 in her community and globally. Neha also developed a mobile app to pair with the SixFeetApart device. Neha is also running global Innovation & STEM workshops for students to share her 3-steps innovation framework and how students can involve with the community by using innovation. Throughout her workshops, she has reached over 54,000 students in over 15 countries. She is projected to reach over 100,000 students impacted by the end of this year. She also released her book named “Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM”, which includes interviews with top experts like the former advisor to Bill Gates. Part of the money is given to charities like the Malala Fund. In addition, Neha has worked tirelessly to urge large corporations and companies to incorporate innovation in school curriculums and support youth through investing in their education and resources like laptops or internet access to make that possible. Through her advocacy, she was able to get BIC and Girls with Impact to award scholarships of over $2,500 to students in need. Neha has been able to work with organizations like the Intrepid Museum of Air and Space in New York to run innovation workshops and events for students, as well as local schools throughout the globe (US, India, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, and more). She recently ran an event with the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation and inspired over 600 girls in Nigeria to use problem-solving and innovation to solve local problems, at a school in Nigeria. For the rest of her life, Neha plans to continue running her workshops and fight for children’s rights by creating a positive impact through innovation.