Picture – Nikita Dhawan


Nominated by Law Chambers of Randhawa & Grover (LCRG)

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Nikita believes every voice deserves to be heard and that the trauma caused by witnessing abuse and violence is similar to being a direct victim of abuse. Nikita decided to do something about this and demand global attention for children’s right to have a cruelty free world and end societal violence to animals. Two years ago, Nikita co-founded a non-profit called Youth For Animals (YFA) to end animal abuse and fight against animal captivity. She specifically took up the cause to free Shankar, an African elephant, held in solitary confinement at the Delhi Zoo.  She launched a campaign on Change.org (secured 150,000+ signatures) and social media to highlight the broader issue of captive elephants in India. Nikita has been Appointed Youth Ambassador (one in four globally) for Born Free Foundation. Currently engaged in collaborating with 100+ global youth members to craft IUCN’s youth strategy for 20222-24. In addition, a streaming platform for saving animals will be featuring Nikita and her campaign through a 10-minute documentary on their channel.