Niyo Pe Picture

Niyo Pe

Nominated By Jeunesse au Service d’un Burundi Meilleur

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Niyo Pe is one of the most popular child rights activists in Burundi. He was born in exile, grew up as a refugee and saw the abuses that were committed against refugee children. When he went back to his home country, he was deeply upset with the situation of children living in rural areas. Niyo Pe is a member of the National Forum of Children in Burundi where he acts as one of the representatives chosen by Burundian children themselves. He is also one of the Enfant Journaliste (child reporter) of UNICEF Burundi’s program). He uses radio as a medium to spread awareness on children’s rights at different radio stations alongside other elders or associations, representatives of the ministry and other children. He plans to create a radio focused on promoting children’s rights, build a center for orphans, disabled children or children that cannot be supported by their parents and provide them with an education. He also participated in Parliament sessions as representative of Burundian Children.