Nominated by Define Life Differently Children’s Village

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Nkem’s motivation is based on the fact that, from the beginning of 2016, Cameroon was plunged in a crisis which led to the shutdown of schools in Southern Cameroon by restoration forces. Many children want to join these forces. He thinks that if he gathers kids in his immediate community and occupies them with his little inventions, they may get inspired to create things and will not nurse thoughts of war. Only few schools are open and only in very secured areas of each region in Southern Cameroon. He is involved with DLD Children’s Village, where he gets the chance to showcase his inventions and encourage other children within and without the movement to be creative. He has designed an eco-friendly house, with solar panels, compose bin and windmill, which is pending demonstration at the Buea Municipal Council to be used as sample for construction within the community for the advancement of an eco-friendly community.