Norngkea picture


Nominated By Child Rights Coalition Cambodia

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Norngkea is a 14 year old girl and a member of Adolescent and Youth Reference Group (AYRG) which works for advocating the voice of adolescents by preventing and responding to violence against children in Cambodia. As a member of AYRG, she joined a radio talk show on Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia’s radio to talk about positive parenting skills and ‘16 days campaign to end violence against girls and women’. She also actively engages with students to promote and teach English in the Child Club of Good Neighbour Cambodia (GNC). Norngkea participated in a drug survey, which has been compiled into a book and sent to the government of Cambodia. In the future, she plans to conduct together with AYRG awareness-raising programs on drug abuse and advocate at national and international level to solve this issue.