Picture_Paloma Rambana


Nominated By: Fund the Gap

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Paloma was born with Peter’s Anomaly, a rare birth defect causing her to have 20/200 vision. Her home state, Florida, provided funding for important educational tools for pre-school ages and 14+. Her age group was excluded from such funding and so she initiated the Fund the Gap campaign. She led rallies in Florida, and she met with state and federal lawmakers to request funding for visually impaired children. Paloma helped raise $1.25 million for blind and visually impaired children to have access to educational tools such as magnifiers, braillers and sighted guides. Paloma has written a book about her activism called “Paloma’s Dream: The True Story of One Girl’s Mission to Help Kids, Inspire Activism and Survive Middle School”. The award-winning book has been published for third graders throughout Florida. It is used to teach them how to advocate for themselves and causes which they believe in.