Picture – Paola Andrea Montaño Cristancho


Nominated by World Vision Colombia

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Paola views herself as a passionate, committed child with a vision of leadership for her community. She is an active participant in the movement of Peace Managers. This has allowed her to participate in national consultations, as well as to to be part of regional processes such as the children’s observatory of the Alianzapor la Niñez, where she contributed in training workshops and the campaign “The Power of Our Voice “. Paola has also undertaken to become a mentor at Movement of Girls, Boys, Adolescents and Youth Peace Managers. In her role as a mentor, Paola meets with her peers to organize a series of recreational activities where they learn, and are taught about Human Rights, Care for the Environment, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, Child and Youth Participation, the identity of the Movement (Mission, Objectives, and Anthem) among other topics that affect their community. Paola and her fellow Peace Agents continue to work for their community and have impacted more than 100 children and adolescents through training workshops. In the framework of community mobilisations, they have mobilised around 300 people in their communities, including adults, community leaders and partners.