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Nominated By Save the Children India

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Poonam is an emerging child rights champion. She loves painting/drawing and also writes plays on social issues. She is currently the Swachchta Mantri (Sanitation Minister) of the Child Cabinet Group (CCG) in her school. She, along with her fellow Child Cabinet members once complained to the School Principal about unclean toilets at the school. The School Management Committee (SMC) took serious actions to keep it clean and operational. She is Child Representative of SMC in her school. She raises issues (if any) and shares best practices during SMC’s monthly meetings. Poonam has participated in over 110 sessions on Health and Sanitation and influenced over 2500 community members. In the future, she wishes to do her Doctorate on some Rural Development thematic area. She aims to continue contributing to various community level issue/initiatives.