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Nominated By Caritas India

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Rabina comes from the rural village of Uttar Pradesh. As an active member of children’s parliament, Rabina has been taking great initiatives to promote the rights of children. She organised an awareness rally on the consequences of child marriage. As her village is at the India-Nepal border, children are mostly engaged in transport of illegal goods across the border. She facilitated various school enrolment drives, parents meeting and education rallies to sensitize the community on the same. She has rescued 12 child labourers and re-enrolled them into school. The school where she studies lacked a facility for disposal of sanitary pads. As a collective effort of her children parliament, she initiated the Campaign for safe menses at School and advocated for installation of an incinerator for disposal of sanitary pads in her school. She aims to join the paramilitary force and serve her country when she grows up.