Nominated by Magic Bus India Foundation 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Rakiba comes from a family with a background in poverty. She had to fight hard to convince her family to send her to school. After long efforts, her parents were finally convinced and enrolled Rakiba and her sister in school. When she was in grade 7 her parents tried to get her married. In school she was taught the importance of completing secondary education and the importance of not getting married early, because of its negative effects on the girl. She protested against early marriage and stood against the decision of her parents. Only when she threatened to report her parents to the police she convinced them to not oblige her to get married. Rakiba is now a leader of an adolescent girl group called “Shakti Vahini” (strong women warriors); a group standing against violence and gender discrimination in the community. Until now Rakiba and her group have already stopped six child marriages.