Nominated by PRATYeK 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Fearing eviction from the garage his family lived in and having to return to Nepal, Ram called NINEISMINE and asked for help. He lives now in a slum community close to the organization. He has been associated with PRATYeK and NINEISMINE for the past six years.  Ram was trained in child rights and advocacy through the children’s parliament of which he is the Minister for Clean Water and Sanitation. He decided to advocate for the concept of having a separate set of public toilets for children. The New Delhi Municipal Council promised it would work on it, but it did not. Ram denounced a teacher in his school that was corporally punishing children. He organized a protest to stand against violence towards children in school. He also participated in an activity concerning the Universal Periodic Review by suggesting issues the government of India should address in view of the UPR of 2017.  With elections coming up, Ram is lobbying parliamentarians to incorporate children’s demands in their own party manifestos.