Ramji picture


Nominated By Caritas India

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Ramji is an active child leader of his children’s group called ‘Roshni ki toli’ (The group of lightbearers). He has led the group in various cleanliness drives in his village. He also motivates the children from his Musahar Toli (ward) to attain education through conducting education awareness rallies and sessions in the education centres. Musahar Communities have been subjected to discrimination for ages. For this reason, they did not dream of an education. However, Ramji was successful in enrolling around 15 Musahar children in school. He is a motivation for his community as he regularly goes to school. In the future, he wants to ensure that each child in his Musahar Community goes to school and completes his education. He wants to become a teacher.