Nominated by Magic Bus India Foundation 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Ramya belongs to the Shillekyatha tribal group of Eklavyanagar, in Karnataka. Their traditional occupation is to stage street shows to earn a living. Ramya was 11 years old when her parents decided to get her married off so that she could continue the family tradition. However, Ramya knew that this is not what she should be doing. She confided in her Magic Bus youth mentor. The Youth Mentor spoke to her parents and convinced them to cancel the wedding plans. Once she fought for her rights she realised that others too, including her friends, could fall prey to the same circumstances. She has since tried to actively stop others from falling prey to early marriages.  However, since the family was under pressure to have one of their daughters enter this profession, they decided to marry off her younger sister. Ramya then made a complaint at the police station against her parents to stop the marriage. Her sister’s marriage plans have also been cancelled. She has helped stopping two other child marriages.