picture Maheswan Ratneshwaran


Nominated By Centre for Youth Development and Activities

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Ratneshwaran designed the free Mobile Application “Safe Spaces” to connect teenagers and children with psychiatric counselors for mental health care. Currently, over 650 students are actively using the app. Ratneshwaran wrote the book “Python Simplified” to bring more children into computing, which is distributed for free via apple book. In addition, 40seconds is Ratneshwaran’s youth non-profit advocacy organization. Its objectives are in related to mental health, refugee Crisis, and woman and digital divide. The Coding Club” is set up tbring students and children into the world of computing. Plus, Ratneshwaran teaches underprivileged children every Monday afternoon. Every summer, the organization ‘40seconds’ organizes a summer school program (“Project Summer”) for underprivileged middle school children. They teach natural sciences, classical music, computer science, psychology, and more.