Nominated by Inter-American Institute of Children and Adolescents (IIN-OAS)  

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

The RED CORIA is an Inter-American organization for children and adolescents. They all have experience in participations, adding strength to the Coria Network. The correspondents of the network report monthly about the status of children’s rights in their countries. The reports deal with issues such as migration, adoption, vindication of the rights of indigenous peoples, defenders of human rights, child (sexual) exploitation, presidential candidates, legalization of abortion, rights of LGBTIQ people, and more. All the correspondents have the exceptional ability to inform, disseminate and promote the rights of other children. They have participated in many national activities to promote and protect the rights of children and adolescents. The existence and participation of the CORIA has opened spaces for children and adolescents at the level of the Organization of American States and it was central in the institutionalization of the participation of children in the meetings of the Directing Council on the IIN-OAS.