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Nominated by System for the Integral Development of the Family of Celaya

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Ricardo lives in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Celaya in Mexico. Ricardo is a producer of and participant in intergenerational dialogues, as well as assemblies of children and adolescents in areas such as the Mexican Congress and Senate; with local, national and international authorities and governments. Ricardo organises campaigns, strategies of support and volunteering activities by children for children. Ricardo manages and promotes contests and activities online and offline to promote the leadership, culture and knowledge of the children in areas such as entrepreneurship, social relations, first aid and civil protection. More than 5000 children and adolescents benefited from his social volunteering campaigns and strategies. He was the president of the Assembly of the III Pan-American Forum. Ricardo has been part of multiple organisations and support networks such as UNICEF Mexico and System for the Integral Development of the Family.