Rohan and Rahul

Nominated by Private person: K.V.J. Raju 

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Rahul and Rohan were touched by situations such as one rhino being killed every 8 hours for horns and one elephant every 15 minutes, reasons for which there will be no elephants or rhinos left in the wild by 2025. As young artists and wildlife conservationists they decided to do all they can to save these beautiful species by actively campaigning. They both recently won the International Diana Award as Diana Active Campaigners for their Save Wildlife Campaign. They held several art exhibitions at Abu Dhabi Art Hub. Rahul and Rohan won several local, national and international art competitions. They started RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign where they raise awareness to save endangered species through campaigns. They are also raising awareness to save the environment: every year for the World Environment Day they have Art Exhibitions in their school. Rahul and Rohan are members of Emirates Environmental Group and are participating in EEGs activities like mobile, paper, plastic collection for recycling.