Rahul and Rohan’s Exhibitions in school to save environment

Sai Rahul Raju and Sai Rohan Raju 

Nominated By KVJ Raju

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Rahul and Rohan were touched by facts such as one rhino is killed every 8 hours for horns and one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for ivory. They have started RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign, under which they are doing awareness raising campaigns to save endangered species such as elephants, rhinos, tigers etc. through artworks and exhibitions in UAE, UK, USA, India. They are campaigning for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. Every year for World Environment Day they are giving art exhibitions in their school to bring awareness to save the environment. They started Happy Planet Initiative through which they are helping fellow Human beings, Wild Life and Environment. Under RR’s Happy Planet Initiative, on 11th June 2016, 2017 & 2018, they distributed food packets to construction workers on the eve of holy month of Ramadan and raised awareness to eliminate food waste, reduce the waste that goes to landfills, reduce carbon footprint and stop global warming. They have participated in Save Endangered Species Workshop at The Mall World Trade Centre (Abu Dhabi) for which they collected plastic bottles and created African Black Rhinos, Pandas & Royal Bengal Tigers. They won the International Diana Award for their RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign. In the future, they plan to extend their activities. They hope to continue working with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Global March For Elephants and Rhinos.