Picture Sainath Manikandan


Nominated By Lalitha Krishnamoorthy

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Sainath is an aspiring environmentalist and an active member of the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), Tunza Eco Generation and Students for the Earth (SfE)He is also a Drop It Youth (DIY) ambassador with the main aim of raising awareness about single-use plastic pollution and encouraging individuals and organizations to reduce their CO2 emissions through simple everyday choices. Sainath had started his own campaign, PEPC Campaign (Papers, E-wastes, Plastics and Cans) to inform the importance of recycling and to put an end to single-use plastics. He designed a robot, M-Bot Cleaner (Marine Robot Cleaner), to provide vital protection (in a sustainable manner) to the marine habitats as it removes the waste from the surface of the water bodies. Sainath is in touch with government entities and private organizations to build his prototype robots in a bigger scale.