Sainath photo 1


Nominated By GEMS United Indian School

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Sainath Manikandan is an aspiring environmentalist. His aim is to raise awareness about single-use plastic pollution and encourage individuals and organizations to reduce their CO2 emissions through simple everyday choices. The documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ was Sainath’s motivation in involving himself towards preserving the earth. Many of his schoolmates have joined him in his campaign and they attend tree planting activities and raise awareness. Sainath is an active member of the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and Tunza Eco Generation, Students for the Earth (SfE) and a Drop It Youth (DIY) ambassador. He is a Young Times Panelist and he writes articles for Young Times Magazine (Khaleej Times) for preserving and protecting the environment. He innovated a robot, M-Bot Cleaner (Marine Robot Cleaner) to provide vital protection to the marine habitats as it removes the waste from the surface of the water bodies. He also innovated the Agribot robot which supports SDG 2 and assists farmers in hot countries to plough the soil, sow the seeds and cover the seeds with soil. Sainath had started his own campaign, PEPC Campaign (Papers, E-wastes, Plastics and Cans), to inform about the importance of recycling. He won the Diana Award 2018, Beeah Environment Excellence School Award, ‘Best Technology Project’ in Future Entrepreneurs, and the International Eco Hero Award.