Salaamah Saif picture

Salaamah Saif

Nominated By The Supreme Council of Motherhood & Childhood

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Salaamah was a member in Sharjah Children Shura for the 15th cycle. On the following 16th cycle she was voted to be the president of that round. She is also the president of the children’s advisory council, after being a member in more than 5 delegations. There she manages how to spread children’s rights among the children of the community of the United Arab Emirates and in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Bahrain and Hungary. Salaamah has created an online platform that she shares with her fellow children to help them be more aware about the consequences of bullying and its effects on children. Salaamah has recently been appointed to take part in the very first Emirati Children’s Parliament.