Picture – Shaambhavaditya Pandey


Nominated by St. Joseph’s Co-ed School, Bhopal

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Shaambhavaditya was in 9th grade when he was first exposed to menstruation. At that same moment, he learnt that the daughter of their maid was using dried leaves during her period. He wanted to do something about it but, because it is taboo, he faced a lot of oppression and barriers. Nevertheless, he founded a non-profit organisation which aims to kill the stigma around menstruation and sexual and reproductive health. His organization does not involve any adults, because he wants Gen-Z to bring change. Shaambhavaditya started by collaborating with several verified Instagram influencers to spread his message. He also spread the message on the radio, on the live television, and on several local and national newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, he has been involved with the distribution of more than 10,000 menstrual products in a span of two years and addressing 75+ sessions on menstrual health for boys and girls as he feels boys too need to know about menstruation to make our society a better place. At the moment, the page of the organisation has 7k followers and the physical reach continue to spread in different states with more than 100 collaborators for social work. Shaambhavaditya plans to spread the idea of menstrual equality and education throughout the South-Asian subcontinent. He also aims to change the method of only teaching a girl child about menstruation, he wants that all genders should know about menstruation.