picture Shahorin Jahan Athay


Nominated by Sojag

All 2021 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Shahorin has created a public  group on Facebook named পিপীলিকারদল  (Pipilikar Do) that connects people who seek help and people who are willing to help in a selfless way. Within two months time, the group gained 14K followers, and the number keeps increasing. A few volunteers from the group used the money raised to buy some daily necessities which are then delivered to those in need. The group is an innovative way of delivering aid to people in danger during the lockdown. Shahorin is working as a deputy country coordinator at IYS (International Youth Summit); she was a campus ambassador of Bangladesh Olympiad and SOCH (Serving the Society); she is a content writer of UYSG (United Youth for Sustainable Globe); and she was honoured as an Innovative Child by the NGO Sojag.