Nominated by Treehouse Learning

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Sheldon’s mission is to inspire creativity and musical expression in children and he seeks to change the mindsets of children and parents who merely focus on academic excellence and the paper chase. He has inspired children to be more creative and more confident in drawing by conducting various workshops such as kids comic drawing, cartooning and doing presentations and cartooning demonstrations. For instance, between January and March 2019 he conducted 6 cartooning and creativity workshops for Treehouse Learning NGO, as well as Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation. Another example is a live graphic recording of a Stress Management talk that he gave. He inspired adults to realize that children are also capable of contributing to society for NGO PBHP. Sheldon also represented Malaysia in the children’s roundtable discussion at the 9th World Urban Forum by UN (February 2018).