Sian picture


Nominated by Azelene Williams

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Sian learnt at an early age that her voice is her only weapon to fight against all that she wished to fight against in the world. At the age of 6 she started off her YouTube channel-Kidzucate to educate other children about child rights and mentor them to be a better version of themselves. Sian uses YouTube as her medium to voice against bullying, which was personally a victim of due to her stuttering. She runs several bullying prevention programs in schools. She has developed a Youth Advocacy Kit to help children fight against bullying from a $10000 Local Hero Grant award. She is a recipient of several prestigious awards and the youngest person ever to be awarded the Human Rights Hero Award in 2014. Her fifteen-minute speech at the ceremony, to a 300 people audience, has won more hearts and support for her dream to develop Kidzucute. Her simple philosophy is-children learn through fellow children better.