Nominated by Save the Children

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

In Subhasmita’s school, children come from nearby villages who are mostly from marginalized communities. She has always taken keen interest in upholding the rights of children not as an individual, but also for her community. After becoming the leader of the Child Cabinet in the school, Subhasmita took initiative to regularise the meeting of this student’s body. With support from her teachers and Save the Children she had identified at least 6 children who were eligible for the Middle School, but were drop outs. She visited the home of each child who was not going to school. Subhasmita, with support from her Head Master, convinced the parents of the children who were not attending school to send them back to studying. With support from the school Head Master and Save the Children, she met the local self-government leaders as well, to counsel the parents of the children who were not attending school.