Picture – Tanisha Paswan


Nominated by Child in Need Institute

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Tanisha’s advocacy was born as a result of what she has witnessed in her country. Tanisha was instrumental in assisting the CINI in identifying pregnant women on the street so that they could receive antenatal and postnatal care and support. She ensured that she fought for birth registration to ensure the right to nationality among children being born from mother residing on the streets. In addition, she also ensured the right to education among many of her street-connected peers who were out of school and enrolled them into formal schools. As she internalised the safety issue among street-connected girls, Tanisha took the responsibility of building relationships of trust and support among her street-connected peers and the police, so that they are protected. Through digital platforms, Tanisha reached out to more than 6000 listeners in 2021 when she spoke about the safety of street-connected girls on a radio station. In the beginning of 2022 when the Government of India started vaccination drives for children within the age of 15 to 18 years, Tanisha contributed actively to inform 5000 street population throughout the city regarding the process of availing vaccine and appealed the State and vaccination authorities to implement special drives for street-connected children. Tanisha plans to focus on the inclusion of street-connected population in the formal economy through enabling them in getting employment in the formal sector with the help of vocational education and inclusive education support.