Picture – Tarini


Nominated by Modern School, Vasant Vihar

All 2022 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Tarini’s love for reading from a young age helped her tackle her dysgraphia. After overcoming her challenges, Tarini was inspired to serve others. Tarini used her experience from her early years to volunteer in special education to create a catch-up program for vulnerable children and extended the scope of her work vastly for increasing their access to the digital domain. In 2017, Tarini started volunteering at an occupational therapy centre, as well as at her school’s Orkids Within School Centre for special needs. She engaged in activities like storytelling and assisting the therapists in creating flashcards with drawings and words. ‘Star in Me’ was written by Tarini: It is a learning resource, which includes an App including ‘Chitrakatha’ (Picture Story) videos with a Hindi translation narrative, downloadable picture story PDF versions, MCQ based Video Games and downloadable Q&A to practice the Grade 10 English Literature.  Tarini has assisted in creating a structured catch-up program for Grade 10 students (an app and a YouTube digital library); setting up of a resource centre at a village accessed by children from 7 villages; and a project based on a local craft to create products for selling entailing skill development. Furthermore, she created animation videos on a dedicated YouTube Channel covering the Poetry and English Literature section for the Grade 10 CBSE national board exam. This was eventually made into an app on Google Play Store.