Nominated by Private person: Aldo Simoes da Silva Junior

All 2019 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Growing up, Thaissa developed a predisposition to help anyone in need and her dream of being an activist became increasingly attractive. She had to go through many difficulties that triggered depression and anxiety. Thaissa found in art and education an escape valve. Many projects began to emerge, the first one was the “flourishing” that encouraged the planting for the reforestation of the city and also the search for knowledge. Since she was little, she always collected toys, books and clothes for orphanages. She wrote, directed and acted in a play for a relevant audience about teenage anxiety. The play encouraged many teenagers to seek therapy and help with their emotional and psychological problems. Thaissa outlined an innovative project, the “ImpressionAr-te” that aims to serve many children from public schools and communities lacking art and education. She also competed in “Jovem Inovação” with the project and won first place in Social Responsibility.