Theresa and Lidia-Mary picture

Theresa and Lydia-Mary 

Nominated By Patricia Etienajerha Onokpasa

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Theresa and Lydia-Mary are two child rights activists who have been advocating for children rights because of reports in the media of the abuses children are exposed to, such as trafficking, abuse, enrolling children into military groups. The girls are authors of the book ‘What Happens’, aimed at exposing the violations of children’s rights taking place in Nigeria and promoting children rights. Their book has created a considerable amount of awareness regarding marginalization of children in Nigerian society and it has been a voice for the rights of children. In the future, Theresa and Lydia-Mary aim to work with the government of Nigeria and private organizations in order to make the book available to a wider audience – schools nationwide.