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Nominated By Losene AM Talawally

All 2020 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Tijan is a young activist from Liberia. Tijan fought for the rights of a 7 year old girl (Little Flomo) who was raped in the northern region of Liberia (Voinjama, Lofa County) by an unknown man. He led a march for justice on behalf of the child raped and all victims on the principal street of Voinjama City, Lofa County. Tijan urged the local government officials to take full responsibility for the victim by relocating her to another part of the country, guaranteeing her well-being as well as paying her school fees for one democratic term in Liberia. His efforts resulted in the child’s relocation to the country’s capital and she is now being sponsored by the local government educationally and medically. Tijan organizes a back to school campaign with the aim of encouraging parents to send their children to school and students and children to attend school. He organized a community awareness project under the theme “GET THEM INVOLVED”, where he especially engaged parents from slum communities and educated them on the implications of violence of all forms against children. In the future, he wants to take a regional tour to educate his peers about the Children’s Law of Liberia.